last modified: Sunday, 2008-06-29

The Web Repair Initiative

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You can vote for AWPSs you would most like to become WRI-compliant.

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For WRI certification to carry weight it is important that these requirements are generally supported by the community. Therefore the requirements are defined through discussion on a public mailing list. Everybody is welcome to particpate, whether you are a professor in Web standards, an AWPS developer, a web designer, an AWPS user, or just interested. All that counts is the quality of your argument.

To qualify for bronze certification, a Web Publishing System needs to comply with all must level requirements. Also complying with all should level requirements qualifies for silver certification. Also complying with all bonus point level requirements qualifies for gold certification.

Note that the bonus point level requirements are likely simple to implement in most AWPSs, so the jump from silver to gold comes cheap.

Bronze certificate requirements

Additional requirements for silver certificate

Further requirements for gold certificate